Leadercast Women 2020

Join us on Thursday, October 15th

You Are the Change You Want to See

The power of your influence may be unknown to you, but you can hone it and leverage it to impact people beyond your network and your time. At Leadercast Women 2020, a cast of six world-leading women will share the keys to how they created change that rippled out and through to influence others to be authentic, people-focused leaders.

Join Leadercast Women of the Heartland on October 15th as we learn more about what it truly takes to create change from the inside out. 

Join Leadercast Women 2020


Leadercast Women 2020 is a gathering of women leaders across the world for one day. On Thursday, October 15th, women who have made a significant difference in their business, community and society will take the Leadercast Women stage to inspire attendees to be leaders in their daily lives.

This is your opportunity to learn from these exceptional women and hear their inspiring stories. And, to network with fellow attendees who share similar leadership challenges. Attend Leadercast Women and begin your journey to becoming a better leader.

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We’re excited that you want to partner with us in hosting Leadercast Women Heartland 2020. Volunteering exemplifies true servant leadership, and we love the example your participation is setting for our Leadercast community! 

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering at this event. Further communication will take place within a few days of your sign up.

Any inquiries you have may be directed to hello@lcwheartland.com

Leadercast Women

Meet the Speakers:

Tiffany Dufu

Tiffany Dufu

Former Chief Leadership Officer to Levo, Best-Selling Author, and Founder and CEO of The Cru.

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